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. Welcome to Gemini Gems.   
 Our goal is to provide the jewelry
designing community with the finest quality precious and semiprecious gemstones,  making them available at the best prices possible.   We offer an extensive array of gemstone beads, all personally chosen by the best craftsmen in India.  Our gem sources are family oriented and related craftsmen who's knowledge, expertise, and integrity is impeccable. 

We offer exquisite gemstone beads with an extensive choice of  composition, shapes, sizes, with state-of-the-art faceting.

    As artisans you know that the selections of  gems and  gemstone beads is almost endless.  Choose from the most extensive line of any possibilities - as well as suggestions for your particular designs.  If there is a gemstone or specific shape or faceting that you require, simply let us know. In the event that you don't see it, we may easily obtain it for you.
    Family and generational history of gemstone business with an Eastern Indian heritage offers advantages in direct quality assurance.

    In obtaining finished gemstones from the rough gem rock that is mined, is a lengthy process which results in several grades (quality) of  gemstone beads.  These are evaluated and graded according to color, clarity, and then faceting.  The finished products are then chosen according to what grade a designer  require for their specific design


    Our drilling method insures the beads are always guaranteed to be smooth, regulated, and consistent, enabling each stone to be used successfully in your creations.  Much of a mined 'rough' gem will never be sold for use in jewelry.  We can help you choose the grade, quality, shape and faceting for your design conceptualizations.


    We are more than happy to assist with meeting your needs for precious and semiprecious gems and jewelry designing questions and/or concerns.

Please contact us with your inquiries, at any of our following sites:

Gemini Gems
925 577 5164
San Ramon, CA 94582